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Solo Show: February 25th, 2017

Kindah Khalidy

  “Nuclear Garden” , 

Chandran Gallery, 459 Geary, San Francisco


Exhibition Dates: February 25, 2017— April 8, 2017

Opening reception: February 25, 7—9pm



Chandran Gallery in San Francisco is pleased to announce “Nuclear Garden,” a solo exhibition of new paintings by San Francisco-based artist, Kindah Khalidy. Over the past few years, Khalidy has been working in both painting and textile design, with projects that expand into fashion, wearable accessory design, paintings and sculpture. Her unique use of color abstraction and pattern work has gained her an international art audience as well as commercial projects with Anthropologie, Old Navy, UNICEF and the United Nations. This will be Khalidy’s first solo show with Chandran Gallery. The show opens at Chandran Gallery’s 459 Geary Space in San Francisco on February 25, 2017 and runs through March 25, 2017.

Over the past 10 years, Khalidy has been at the forefront of the maker movement that combines fine art with design and fashion. Recently, her paintings have become a natural strength, allowing for abstraction and color to create a language of movement and feeling without figurative interruption. In “Nuclear Garden,” Khalidy will be combining a mixture of mediums and genres she has explored in the past, and presented as one seamless body of work that will find textiles, sculpture and paintings themes crossed-over onto each other. Her use of abstraction and color straddles the boundaries of fine art and design, of how the process of both mediums intersect and expand upon each other. When seen together, the viewer finds a symbiotic relationship between design and fine art. “For the past few years, I’ve kept my textile design and painting very separate,” Khalidy says. “But in this show you’ll see my installations including sewn and soft sculpture in conjunction with the traditional paintings. With the time I’ve taken to work in different areas, back and forth through paint layering, exploring shapes with negative space, and quilt drawings, a lot of these works explore what I have been doing over the past 2 years.”

Although the works in “Nuclear Garden” are part of Khalidy’s ongoing series focusing on color and carefully placing shapes within compositions, it is the first time she has presented this as a complete collection of her work. Bringing the styles together gives a newfound focus for the viewer to approach. “When you look closely at these works, you’ll find some awkward, and violently drawn line work posed next to a soft, round, amoeba-like blob,” Khalidy says. “A lot like life, my work plays on the idea of the positive, the humorous, the rotten, and everything in between existing together in one place. I hope that it brings some happiness, and contentment to people’s lives when they’re viewing it, even if it’s for a quick minute.”




About Kindah Khalidy
Kindah Khalidy is a Lebanese American artist working in the Bay Area for the last 10 years. She splits her time between designing art-driven textiles and creating paintings in her SF studio.


About Chandran Gallery

Chandran Gallery was established in 2013 and presents a contemporary program, exhibiting established, mid-career and emerging artists to a worldwide audience. The gallery supports artists in transcending boundaries of discipline and presentation. This dedication has resulted in successful collaborations with recognized artists including Swoon, Monica Canilao and Richard Colman, and high profile events including the Beach House at the Shore Club and AMNIOTIC at Loews Hotel in association with Art Basel Miami Beach. In September 2015, the gallery opened its doors at its permanent location in Union Square, featuring a newly built 4,500 square foot, 2-level exhibition space. www.chandrangallery.com

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